Company Introduction

EXPLORE TEC was established in 2013,

By setting a 3D design, photography, software development in one,

We are the virtual reality professional institute and registered branding company with the services of providing panoramic, VR, AR,body content customization.

Business covers (including but not limited to):

Panoramic views (panorama shots, panoramic aerial shots, portrait digital panoramas, virtual 3D panoramas, 360° and 720° panoramic displays, panoramic roaming, 3D map navigation, panoramic videos, object panoramas, panorama panoramas ...)

AR/VR (3D Simulation, Virtual Simulation, VR Display System, VR Interactive System, 3D Virtual Showroom, 3D Internet Display, 3D Panorama, 3D Eye, 3D Hardware Content Development ...)

Somatosensory (Kinect somatosensory display system, Kinect somatosensory games, etc.)

EXPLORE TEC relies on its own technical strength,

Based on the deep project understanding,

Adhering to the concept of opening, innovation and plowing,

We provide the integrity, professionalism and quality services to the tourism hotel, real estate business, event games, building decoration, exhibitions, industrial engineering, medical education and other industries and brands.



Contact us

Address:  Optics Valley SBI Venture Street Enterprise Center Wuhan,China.