Panoramic service area

EXPLORE TEC specializes in browser-based panoramic display services.

Services include panoramic photography, panoramic aerial photography, physical digital panorama, virtual 3D panorama, 360° and 720° panoramic display, panoramic roaming, three-dimensional map navigation, panoramic video, object panorama, ring panorama and so on ......

Panorama display is mainly used in tourist attractions, hotel rooms, art galleries, model rooms, second-hand housing, digital museum and other space environment.

Technology advantage

1. By relying on its own panoramic platform and roaming software customization, project construction will not be limited;

2. High-pixel professional SLR cameras, large aperture fisheye lens, professional panoramic PTZ, UAV and others are used for high-pixel panorama, and aerial scene information collection;

3. The multiple exposures are used to shoot multiple photos for synthesis, so that the image effects will be more uniform, and the color transition will be more natural just like WYSIWYG;

4. The professional color software like the light-room, Camera RAW is used to make later color correction of NEF format data files;

5. Photoshop professional design software is used for later scene repair, landscaping of NEF format data files;

6. Foreign genuine three-dimensional panoramic stitching software is used to splicing Ultra HD perfect panoramic view, thus to show the real scene;

7. UI fine art interface customized according to the client VI identification system is delicate in place, setting off interactive panoramic perfect presentation;

8. A lot of interactive information can be added in the panoramic scene, such as panoramic navigation, thereby making the browsing process to be more interesting;

9. Combined display of automatic browsing and manual browsing, which is convenient for the habits of different users;

10. By using image compression and image compression chip technology to achieve high-speed panoramic picture browsing;

11. It not only supports panoramic interactive functions such as video, audio and 3D products, but also has been adapted to PC, mobile terminal and VR device, panoramic view of IOS and Android system, panoramic view of Ipad, touch integrated machine and VR glasses, etc.;

12. It can integrate many SNS social media sites, thus to be convenient for user-friendly at any time.

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